Genres: Zombies + Froggerlike* (It exist or I invented it)


Please play and rate version 0.3.1 for ldjam 41 

Problems fixed:

  • Zombies don't wanna cross
  • Cars just randomly stop forever
  • Weird collision behavior
  • Add instructions 
  • Game over menu

How to play

Zombies will try to cross the road in group, the group is formed when tree (3) zombies gather together and then start crossing.

Don’t let the zombies be hit by cars, they will die (like for real) and that will hurt you.

If one or more zombies die, the rest of the group will continue crossing without it; i.e. One zombie died, the group becomes of two (2) when to those get together, they will start crossing.

When a zombie (in group or alone) reaches the top corner of the last road, it disappears and grant you some sweet 100 points.

You lose HP when a car hits you, try to move away faster or it will hit you again. Use your traffic cones* to prevent the cars for moving. You can use up to three (3) cones in a row. You cannot place a cone while moving so make sure you stop before trying. A cone will fade away after 5 seconds and then you can use it again.

Zoom out to see the great picture of the cars moving around or play with the closer look to make it more challenging.


CrossingDeads_0.3.1 28 MB
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Download 28 MB
CrossingDeads _legacy_ 28 MB
CrossingDeads _legacy_0.1_HTML 22 MB

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