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Game developed for the JimJam 2018, theme: "Inspiration"

There are three main sources of inspiration that drive me to make this game. 

  1. I like riding my bike, specially to take breaks between work
  2. I wanted to make something inspired in anime (in this case YowaPeda)
  3. I wanted to make it RPG inspired in Kairosoft's Game Dev Story (I ended up nothing close to that, but the name reminded)


The game was made with the idea of using a Gamepad (GP), specifically one with two triggers (L, L2, R, R2) but you  can use the the keyboard (KB)as well.

A / Accept:  Space/Enter (KB) A/Start (GP)

Pedaling: Right then Left then Right then Left, etc.

Change gears: A,S,D,F (KB) L, L2, R, R2 (GP)


The game is nothing more than a tiny tech demo, there's no such gameplay other than pedaling.

Install instructions

Download BikeStory.rar > Extract it > Run executable.

Make sure "BikeStory.pck" file is in the same directory.


BikeStory.rar 6 MB

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